Friday, August 28, 2020

Fifteen Tips To Cope Up With The Corona Lock Down Situation

Hi Friends!

Hope you are doing fine.

As you know that the whole WORLD is facing issues due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

In Dubai as well there was a lock down like how it was in any other part of the world.

I cannot tell you how relieved we were when we got to know that lock down has been released and we can go out again for a walk freely.Of,course,we are not going out frequently .It is just that I was so done with the lock down situation that's after being in the lock down situation for almost three months.

So,if you are in a similar situation & lock down is either lifted or going on,please read this post and I really hope these tips will be helpful to you in some way.

Today, I will share some important tips so that you can at least cope-up with this whole situation which 

has brought a lot of uncertainty in our lives.

1.Stop getting overloaded by the social media news related to Covid 19.Be on track,however,don’t overdo it.

2.Get up early and do regular tasks at home as you used to do before the lock down.Remember how you used to dress-up for office or going out or to stay at home ? say no to pajamas (during the day time,wear it ,however,don't wear it all the time).Dressing up will be helpful as it will give you confidence.

3.Have a plan ready to be executed/day-routine for each day & by the end of the day be aware of next day’s tasks.

4.Eat well. If you like exercising/yoga/meditation-do it as per your Normal routine.It will make you feel better.

5.It’s ok to feel low for some time but then you have to get up and get going as life is very precious and you should take advantage of the truth that you have got a beautiful life to live.

6.Say positive things to yourself.Motivate yourself.Lett the negative thoughts pass,don’t hold it within yourself.let it go.

7.Do not procrastinate thinking that things can be done next day.It will become a bad habit.Learn to change your habits and try to grasp a good habit.

8.If you wanted to change something about you and felt stuck with your daily life-routine,you can at least try doing it .Eg. You wanted to learn chess or you wanted to know interesting facts about anything .Learn new words/take up online course that could help you boost your career/future.

9.Spend time with your family and enjoy.It will de-stress you.engage in cooking,planting,with kids related activity.Do video call to your friends & relatives.Share your feelings & listen to what they have to say.Help your family members and boost their faith that things will get exemplifying what you’re doing on a regular basis or what they can do and boost their confidence.

10.Pay attention to your sleep routine and try to improve it. Please sleep on time so that you can start your next day will some much needed energy.

11.Try not to expose yourself too much to tv/phone/laptop and instead indulge in some productive activity like reading a book or something which will make you feel that you utilized your time in an effective manner.

12.Do not forget to sanitize & keep cleanliness around you.Do shopping online responsibly,be careful and either you leave the package out of your reach for three days and sanitize before opening the package.

13.Plan & dream of your future and start preparing yourself for it.Be thoughtful & ambitious.Have a goal and do not deviate from it.

14.Social media is an overwhelming place,refrain from comparing yourself with other’s life as it might affect n worsen your mental health issues.

15.Accept what you have got and be grateful for it.People loosing their jobs,loosing customers and incurring losses & different horrible things which are happening around are so heartbreaking.You have to appreciate your life ,it will help you in the long run as well if you get through this time by thinking positive & being grateful.

Bonus point:Get some fresh air,see sunset,see sunrise,see rain drops through your balcony only or window.Admire the beauty of Mother nature.It will give you some sense of freshness and you will feel really rejuvenated.I promise.

At last,Do not loose hope,slowly things are becoming will take time.hang in there

Hope it helped you.Please let me know your thoughts about this post and Covid-19 situation related concerns.I can be reached out on my Instagram/Youtube : Glamnglaze

Take care friends.




Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Makeup Post : BH Cosmetics-Take me back to Brazil Palette-Five different eye-looks

Hi Fam!

Today,I am going to share my latest five different eye-looks which I did using BH Cosmetics #Takemebacktobrazil eyeshadow palette.

Let's get started!

1. Light Green & Light sky blue

I love the way the light green colour goes with the light sky blue/mint blue colour.I knew that a muted rusty-brown lipstick will look great with this whole look.Look how well this entire makeup-look turned out! I love this makeup-look to bits.

2. Blue Eye (Hypnotize kardi e mainu...hahaha)

I am sure if you are a neutral palette lover you might not like the idea of wearing a straight-up/on your face Bright Blue eye-shadow on your eyes.However,I liked how this shade looks rich and not patchy on the eye-lids. I paired this look with muted pink toned lipstick.Somehow this eye-makeup has elevated the whole look,what do you think?

3. Bright Neon Green

See, the idea was to use the green shade all over the lids and scare others...just kidding.I do not know I don't get scared of bright eye-shadows.In fact, I like such shades a lot.

In this makeup-look,I used the Neon green eye-shadow and packed carefully onto my eye-lids.See how nicely the eye-shadow has been applied that's because of one important product which I will discuss in my upcoming makeup-post.
Alright! at the end I used the muted orange toned lipstick to finish of  the whole makeup-look. 
Did you Like this green shade?

4.Go Purple

This one was inspired by one of the renowned Indian Beauty Bloggers :Debasree

I love how purple colour has been paired up with the bright neon green.
Purple is a very tough colour to create in the form of an eye-shadow.
Let me tell you,this purple was so soft and easy to apply that it felt like a dream.#notsponsored
Didn't really had a tough time blending it too.

The right amount of the Neon green eye-shadow added the pop which looked so cool...I must say...I am in love with the colour-combinaton and you can try it out too (for sure).

Completed the whole look by keeping the lips out of focus as I wanted this colour-combo to stand out.Clearly,it happened!

5. Light Green and Dark Green

I know that this eye-makeup would have reminded of parrots...tell me...tell me if that's true? :D
I paired the light green in the inner half of my eye-lids and dark green at the outer half of it.

Blended the harsh edges with a clean blending brush and voila...we have got a beautiful eye-look which was really easy to create.As usual,used my trusty muted nude lipstick to tie up the whole makeup-look together.Will you try this makeup-look?

That's it for today.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking-at the different eye-looks.

Do let me know if you liked any of these makeup-looks.Which one did you like the most?

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How to Manage Stress?

Dear Lovelies!

Today,I would like to share different ways to stay positive and how can we handle stress!

Interesting topic right?

I am sure you must have been stressed about one thing or the other at some point in your life.

In today's world it's not a new thing,stress has become an integral part of our lives without even knowing.

From kids to adults to our-elders high stress-level has become a common reason why health issues are increasing in the world.

Taking stress is one thing ,however,not managing it well and letting it take a toll on your health is a serious concern.

Many things can cause stress such as personal problems,work-related issues,exams,interviews,not getting a perfect life-partner,not getting the job which you aspire,not liking what you do,not loving how you look or live or spend and the list goes on and on.

There are no specific and general measure/solution to handling the high stress-levels,however,we will check out whatever is in our hand.Let's go:

You can take stress and try to manage it by doing the following:

Take a deep breath and try to calm down.It will really relax your nerves and sooth your brain

Acceptance: We chase our dreams madly and forget that we are supposed to live in the moment and enjoy the little joys of life.This is when the stress-issue starts and before we realize it goes up and beyond and screws our life.
Sometimes accepting what's not your will never be yours can do wonders.Love yourself enough that nothing can degrade your self-respect/self-worth.This doesn't mean that you stop trying to achieve what you want,keep trying.Try until you feel you should and there will be a time when you'll know that it's time to stop (for sure).

Smile often :) :) :)

Try to analyse the root cause of your stress,like what's triggering it? Is it because of any personal issue or upcoming exams or work-related etc?

Once you find out the root-cause start finding out a solution to either address it or resolve it altogether by speaking up or discussing with your family members/friends/spouse etc

Let's say you still could not analyse the root cause and resolve the cause of stress,you need to still sit down and write what's not right and how you can bring YOUR LIFE in your control.This can be done by practicing positivism.Anything bad happens to us due to some reason we start blaming others,try to see the fault in yourself.Correct your thoughts ,your actions will become correct and ultimately your life will be on correct path.

Positive mindset is very very important and should not be ignored at any point in time once you've realized that stress has become an integral part of your life and engulfing you day in - day out.

Working out is important too.Being active was never a bad idea.

May be you should take up an activity which you wanted to do for a long time and never got a chance to do as LIFE HAPPENED.

Utilize each day to do something for yourself and others may be it will give you strength and reduce your stress.

Be kind to people,our behavior towards ourselves should be good along with that we should not hurt anyone.I have found out (finally) that being kind to yourself & others is the most wonderful thing.

Look around,we are just struggling to live our life and handle self-created stress-levels while others are not even getting a chance to live due to various reasons.

Life is too short to worry and die.One day you will look back and say why didn't I do what I always wanted to do and took unnecessary stress when it was not at all required!!! Like...Why?

So,I would like to be calm and change your life yourself by taking care of small things that play a major role in shaping up our mind and in turn LIFE.

Well! that's it for today.

I know it was a heavy dose of how to face the reality,however,you have to pull-up your socks and live your life's totally up to you.

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Hair Care : Is it important?

Hi Fam!

Hope you are doing fine.

Today,I thought of sharing my opinion on the most requested topic of all hair care important? If yes,then how to take care of it?
Who doesn't like having long, healthy,shiny and beautiful hair?

Today, we'll focus on the various reasons why actually hair-care is important.

So,let's get started!

Taking good-care of your health is important and it is equally important to take care of how you look overall.How you look should matter to you at least and not necessarily to others.
  1. Hair plays an important part in reflecting your personality.
  2. Well maintained hair speaks out volume.
  3. I mean why not? It is the need of the hour.
  4. Slight hair-styling can change the way you look, for that you need healthy hair.
Why Hair-fall occurs when we move out from India to UAE/Gulf countries?

This can happen because of so many reasons.

Few reasons are as follows:
  1. May be change in water has triggered hair-fall
  2. Due to low hemoglobin or high iron deficiency
  3. Not following a healthy diet
  4. High stress-level
  5. External factors such as dust and sand blocking the roots
  6. Oily scalp and so on
How to tackle these factors?
  1. Visiting a doctor might help in identifying the actual root cause one of them might be due to hereditary
  2. Eat well,follow a good diet-plan which should be rich in iron,proteins etc.
  3. Massage your scalp coconut-oil twice a week
  4. Use hair-masks such as curd and egg twice a week.This will help in keeping your roots nourished and scalp will stay clean
  5. Gently rub Diluted aloe-vera gel on scalp
  6. Shampoo your hair once or twice a week
  7. Use Paraben free hair-care products
  8. May be taking multi-vitamins help(please refer a doctor and only then take any external multi-vitamins)
  9. Use a cotton scarf while your are out and about,this will help your hair breath and hair will not really come in direct contact with the dust & sand
  10. Do not scratch your scalp a lot (if it itches).It itches because your scalp is dirty.Try to wash your hair whenever possible and keep it clean.
  11. Stop thinking (read : overthinking) about your life-problems as it will definitely trigger stress and today,it will cause hair-fall which can certainly turn into a permanent hair-loss and cause many other health-issues.
  12. Last but not the least, drink plenty of water and eat well,exercise regularly.DO NOT LEAVE HOPE. :)
Hope you found this post informative.

Please share it with your friends and family and spread the word.

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Note : I am not a certified dietitian or a doctor,kindly visit a doctor for their expert advise.
All the details shared by me are solely based on my personal experiences.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Party Makeup-Look Ideas

Hello Lovelies!

How are you doing?

It's the Holiday season.It's time to celebrate and go crazy with the makeup-looks.

Today, I am going to share Five makeup-look ideas that can be done during the Holiday season.Basically,party makeup looks.

Here we go...

  1. Classic Red lips!
          Kept the eye-makeup minimal and focused on the lips.
          Classic red lips look amazing on everyone & it makes the face look bright.
          Applied highlighter to give that much needed glow.Love this makeup-look to bits.

     2.  Black-glitter smokey eye-makeup look

         Black smokey eye topped-up with loads of Glitter.Coated lashes with three coats of 
         Completed the whole makeup look by using Deep Wine-red lipstick.
         Simple yet glamorous makeup-look.
         In my opinion makeup is on fleek...what do you think?

     3. All red-everything!

         Applied Red-glitter eyeshadow as a glitter-liner and paired it with a Dark red lipstick.
         Used a lip-gloss to give that beautiful sheen to the lips.
         The glowy makeup look can be easily done during the day-time or at night-time as you 
         feel like.
         Will you try this makeup-look?

          4. Metallic-bronze eye-shadow and burgundy lips

              Kept the makeup-look simple yet again.
              Used the metallic bronze eye-shadow all over the eye-lids.
              Used highlighter on the high-points of my face and applied Burgundy lipstick to 
              finish off this super-quick makeup-look.

      5. Sunset eye-makeup look:

       Last but not the least...this is the sunset-makeup look.
       On the eyes,used a burgundy eye-shadow as the transition shade.
       Used yellowish-orange shimmer eye-shadow on the inner-half of the eyelids.
       Used a dark black eyeliner to line the upper lash-line.
       Then,used mascara to give that fluttery & fuller-look.At the end used a 
       glossy red lipstick to complete the whole makeup-look.
       This makeup look can be done as a wedding guest or as a holiday-glam makeup.
       Will you do it ever? Do lemme know!

That's it for today.

Hope you got some idea on different yet basic makeup-looks that can be done during the Festive/Wedding/Holiday/Party-season.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wedding Season Edit : Top Five Makeup-Looks

Hello my loves!

Hope you all are doing great.

Today, I would like to share with you Five different yet basic makeup-looks that can be done during this Wedding-season!

Let's get started...shall we?

  1. Golden-Red eyes:
      Used a red-eye-shadow as the transition shade and a shimmer eye-shadow with yellowish-
      orange tone.
      Used Matte red-lipstick to balance the whole look.
      Finished the eye-look with an eyeliner and applied mascara.
      Love this makeup-look to bits.

    2. Orange-eye makeup look:

    Used Orange toned shimmer eye-shadow all over the eye-lids.
    Used Orange lipstick which matched with the colour of my outfit.
    Black eyeliner added the much-needed glam.
    Finished off the      eye-makeup by coating the eyelashes with loads of mascara.

     3.Turquoise-eye makeup look:

        Used light brown eye-shadow as a transition shade and dark-brown in the outer corner of 
        the eyes.
        Turquoise eye-shadow took the entire eye-look to the next level.So Glamorous!
        Added my favorite eyeliner and used mascara.
        As the eye-makeup was very colourful,used a muted brown lipstick to finish off the look.

     4.  Peach-pink-Gold eye-shadow look

     Used peachish-pink eye-shadow.This is one of my fav day-time basic makeup looks.
     Used light peach eye-shadow as a transition shade.
     Used a pinkish-peach tone of the eye-shadow in the out V of the eyes.
     At the end applied golden eye-shadow in the half of the eye-lids.
     Such a gorgeous pop of colour,love the colour-combination.
     Used a very muted peach toned lipstick to complete the makeup look.

   5. Yellow eye-shadow - pink lips:

   Used a basic shimmer-eyeshadow all over the eye-lids and applied a dark black eyeliner.
   Applied mascara to give the lashes a fuller-look.
   Used muted pink lipstick to enhance the makeup-look and this is how the wedding- 
   guest's makeup-look turned out.

  • Use shimmer shades on the eyelids to make-it look glamorous
  • Use mascara to give voluminous lash effect
  • Use light base makeup
  • Use bright or dark lipsticks and try to balance the eye-shadow colour with the colour of the  lips(lipstick)
  • Carry a makeup setting spray for fixing up your makeup after touch-ups
That's it for today.

Do let me know which makeup-look is your favorite among the ones posted above.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Fashion Post : How to use one Black blazer for styling Five Outfits!!!

Hi Fam,

Today,I am here to share how I used ONE Black blazer to style up Five different outfits.

Let's go...

1. Basics...
Wore a Graphic Red Tee and paired with the Denim Skirt.Added the Blazer to give that Semi formal look.That peral necklace looked gorgeous with this outfit...added that detail.
A pair of Sunglasses ,Belt and Bag helped in enhancing the whole look for good.

2: All Dressed-up!

Wore a top with sweetheart-neckline.That skirt has my heart.Looks too good with anything black na.
Wore the blazer to finish of the look.That necklace added up to the glory of the outfit.That belt is my constant.Took bag and accessorized the look with a pair of sunglasses.Do you like it?

3: Party owl!
Wore a shimmery dress and accessorized with my favorite belt & a neck-piece.Red Lip is my thing as you already,did that.Wore that blazer yet again to finish off the look.Yeah...not to forget that pair of Sunglasses which I am obsessed with.I loved how this look turned out.

4.Pop of Yellow!

It's summer-time and no bright colour can do any harm...right? Wore a Yellow body-suit with striped culotte-pant.Used my Black blazer to look more put-together here.A black necklace,shades played the add-ons.That Yellow bag was completely matching with my top...I had to use it here.Finally,wore my trusty-Sunglasses and here is the final look...yay!

5.Last Outfit : Oh so Chic! ...

This is one of my personal favs...I must admit.
Black top paired with black skirt.That black belt is adding so much oomph to this look.Golden details on the Bag and the necklace are giving me life right now...Added that cute Black Blazer to give it a  stylish look.
This black on black outfit is looking gorgeous.I love everything about this look.Classy and chic.What's you share.

That's it my loves...Do let me know which outfit you liked the most and what sort of styling you would have done using One Black blazer? Would love to know your thoughts.Comment below.

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