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Review : Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick Kissproof Shade-05

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Today I am going to review the Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick Kissproof in the shade-05(Mulberry) by Golden Rose cosmetics.

About Golden Rose Cosmetics:

"Erkul Cosmetics is one of the most important corporations of the cosmetics sector with the principles of high quality manufacturing and reasonable prices since its foundation in 1983. Erkul Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the sector with its 30 years of experience; produces the color cosmetics products as foundation cream, compact powder blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss and nail lacquer with the brands Golden Rose, Classics, Miss Selene and Emily with a %100 Turkish capital.

Erkul Cosmetics is one of the 5 top manufacturers of nail lacquer in the world and has carried its success beyond borders by exporting to more than 90 countries in 5 continents including America, North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, CIS Countries and Europe."

Product Information:
A Perfect Long  lasting, full-coverage and non-transfer liquid matte lipstick, lasts for hours on the lips weightless and without feeling of dryness. Enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to leave your lips soft, supple and without sticky feeling. Easliy coats your lips with its creamy, smooth texture and flexible applicator. After application keep the lips apart for a few minutes until it sets. Easy removal with Two-Phase Make up Remover.

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • No Parabens

There are twenty-six shades in this range and I have got shade# 05(Mulberry).

Price : AED 45

Quantity :5.5 ml / 0.19 fl oz

Shelf-life : 12 months

Ingredients :                                              
                          In Pic : Ingredients of the product on the outer-cardboard packaging

My Experience:
The shade is called 05,Mulberry.It's a deep berry pink shade with heavy blue undertones or a deep mauvy-pink shade.This shade is very much trending these days.I love this shade.
It will suit medium to deep skin tones well.

In Pic : Swatch of the liquid matte lipstick,shade# 05

  • The lipstick comes in a rectangular-cardboard box outer-packaging which is of black-colour
  • The details like ingredients,shade number,quantity & shelf-life etc are mentioned on outer packaging
  • Shade number is mentioned at the bottom of the lipstick-tube
  • The product comes in a transparent-acrylic tube and cap is of matte black colour
  • We can easily check out the shade through the tube
  • The packaging is sleek and travel-friendly
  • Twist-open cap
  • The applicator is flat one and is very flexible
  • It can be used to line the lips easily
                                In Pic: Outer cardboard-packaging has the shade 
                                                 number and key-ingredients

In Pic : Bottom of the lipstick-tube has shade number

In Pic : Flat-foot applicator of the liquid matte lipstick

Formula & Texture:
  • The lipstick has a creamy,moussy & smooth texture
  • Light-weight formula
  • Very pigmented and goes opaque in one single swipe
  • One scoop is enough to cover entire lips
  • We don't really have to dip a lot of times to take the product out!
  • Product feels really very comfortable on the lips
  • Key ingredients like Vitamin E & Avocado oil keep the lips moisturized very well
  • Dries down to a complete matte-finish within a minute or two
  • Not smudge-proof
  • Highly water-resistant                                         
In Pic : Shown on the tube the key-ingredient of the lipstick i.e. Vitamine E

  • It is transfer-proof...yes it is completely transfer-proof(99.99%)
  • Of course,if we eat anything oily/greasy the lipstick starts wearing off from the center of the lips...from the lower lips particularly
  • Lipstick stains the lips
  • The applicator is flexible enough to line out the lips
  • I love the complete-matte-finish of the lipstick
  • Doesn't sit into the lip-fine lines as such
  • Doesn't flake or feather at all(but,exfoliate your lips in advance)
  • Doesn't sets and stays budgeproof for a long time
  • Layering-up of the product is not an issue.It doesn't look patchy on the lips
  • Re-application of the product after few hours is not an issue at all.The product glides on smoothly.No patchiness occurs
  • After re-application,the shade of the lipstick darkens even more.Again,I am ok with the darkened shade as it still looks cool!
  • Fragrance : Has a very mild scent of vanilla
  • The lipstick is amazing and stayed on the lips for close to seven hours(depends from person to person)
  • It survived light & heavy meals and faded a little from the mouth's center but,still looked good as it stained the lips
  • But,yes,as the time passes , only around six-seven hours of product-application,the product starts drying out the lips(moisture) and kind of clings to the lips.Which is fine with me because I usually re-apply the product and it looks sort of fine and less drying.
  • Removed the product using a good makeup wipe after seven hours and it came-off easily
Nothing as such in my opinion.

Will I re-purchase?

  • Yes,but a different shade.
  • There is a huge range of shades in the liquid matte lipstick collection
  • Plus the products are Paraben free as mentioned on the outer packaging.You must try at least one shade.

In UAE, City Centre Deira.

Note : May be, post re-application of the product ,people with already dry-lips might feel a little uncomfortable.It totally depends on what we eat and after how many hours we are re-applying the product.

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In UAE, City Center Diera .

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