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Review : Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipsticks Shades : 360 &180

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Today, I am going to share my thoughts on Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick Collection.
Rimmel is one of my favorite makeup brands.They have everything from kohls to lip-liners to foundations to lipsticks and so on.Their products are of really good quality.I trust Rimmel. The Moisture Renew lipsticks looked very appealing because of their packaging and hence I went ahead and checked these out at the counter.Let's find out together if these lipsticks worth purchasing!!!

  • Moisturizes lips without compromising on colour!
  • Vitamin A,C,E enriched formula that drenches lips in intense colour and moisture.
  • SPF 20 keeps the lips protected!(According to www.nykaa.com,not mentioned on the official website of Rimmel London though)
  • Ultra lightweight, comfortable to wear all day.
  • A burst of brilliance in a rainbow of shades.
  • Dermatologically tested.
There are eighteen shades available in the moisture renew lipstick collection and I picked two of them namely 360,As You Want Victoria and 180,Vintage Pink.

Price : INR 500 / AED 50 /EURO 6.49 / $ 9.99
Quantity :  0.14oz / 4g
Shelf-life : not mentioned on the packaging

My Experience:
  • 360,As You Want Victoria : It's a heavily-blue toned pink shade.This shade will suit all the skin tones.It's a bold and beautiful shade.Can be worn at any occasion.I have been using this shade non-stop.It's really a very nice shade.
  • 180,Vintage Pink : It's a flat out mauvy-pink shade.It's a neutral shade.Will suit all the skin tones.Can be worn on an everyday basis.I love this shade.

In Pic : Swatches of the Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipsticks
The lipaticks in the Moisture Renew collection come in tube that has silver base and a purple-blue coloured cap/lid.The packaging looks really nice. Rimmel's logo is embossed at the top-head of the lid.The details like shade number,name,quantity are mentioned on the tube itself.Packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.I like it.

Formula & Texture:
  • Texture of these lipsticks is very buttery-soft and smooth,experienced no tugging or pulling...simply wow!
  • Pigmentation-The product is very pigmented.One single swipe is enough to cover any pigmentation on the lips.
  • Satin/glossy finish
  • Full colour pay-off in one single swipe
  • Very comfortable on the lips
  • Light-weight lipsticks
  • Keeps the lips moisturized
  • Not transfer-proof
  • Not smudge proof
  • Leaves a stain behind on the lips,especially the darker shades like 360, As You Want Victoria.                                          

In Pic : Shown Moisture Renew Lipsticks
Top to Bottom 360,As You Want Victoria & 180,Vintage Pink
The lipsticks in the moisture renew collection have a strong sweet-fruity fragrance that lingers after the product- application.It fades away as the time passes.But,yes it's very strong.I am fine with it as it just goes away after some time ,so it's not really a problem.


  • The lipsticks in the Moisture Renew range are very pigmented and comfortable on the lips
  • The longevity of these lipsticks is upto five hours after which the lipstick leaves a stain behind.We don't really need to re-apply the lipstick because the stain looks nice in my opinion.
  • Vitamin A,C,E are really nice for lips.Skin benefits from these vitamins and stays healthy.Great that these lipsticks have Vitamin A,C,E
  • These lipsticks have SPF 20.How cool is that!It's really nice to wear these lipsticks during the summer season.For that matter anytime.It's a big plus point of these lipsticks
  • Re-application of the lipsticks in this collection is very easy, one swipe and we are good to go.It doesn't look patchy as such
  • It has a tendency to bleed though.Using a lip-liner will definitely help.
  • As the lipsticks in this range are very glossy we got to be careful.A hair-strand or anything that will touch the lipstick on the lips,lipstick will get smeared easily
  • Transfers to the cutlery easily.But,we can always mattify any lipstick that has a satin/glossy finish by using a translucent powder.
  • These lipsticks don't really flake off at all.But,might cling to the dry patches on the lips.Better to exfoliate your lips prior to applying the lipstick
  • Doesn't sit into the fine lip-lines...yay
  • Makes the lips look plumped-up and luscious!
  • Stays on the lips for about four hours max. i.e. with heavy meals in between.With light meals in between it stays up to five hours on me.
  • Please note that the lighter-shades like Vintage Pink stayed on the lips for about three hours(max).
  • The lipstick fades away evenly as the time passes leaving a nice stain behind.In case we eat anything oily/greasy,it goes away from the center of the lips immediately.
  • The strong sweet fragrance of the lipstick might bother some people.I suggest checking out the lipstick's fragrance if you have a very sensitive nose. :)
  • Transfers to the cutlery etc easily
Will I re-purchase?

Overall,I am a big fan of Rimmel products in general and these lipsticks are definitely worth a try.I like the packaging and formula of these lipsticks.I am really loving the shades that I have purchased.The pigmentation is seriously to die for and the shade-range is awesome too.There are neutral shades and bold reds and pinks in this collection.I recommend checking out the Moisture Renew lipstick collection.

Rating : 4/5

In India,www.nykaa.com
In UAE,Boots Pharmacy,Carrefour,Max Fashion stores 
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P.S. the lipsticks have been used by me regularly and that's why the lipstick's head is of round kind of shape.

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