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Review : Missha Middle East Modern Eye-shadows (Shades : GBR02,GBR04,MBR04)

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Today, I am going to share my thoughts on the modern eye-shadows by Missha ME(Middle East).

In Pic: Eye-shadow singles from MisshaME

About Missha:

"Missha (Korean미샤) is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. It is part of Able C&C Co., Ltd" Source : Wikipedia

Missha ME(Middle East) is available online on web-portal is specially available for the Middle Eastern-customers.They are a huge and popular cosmetic and skin-care product retailers in Korea.Think of Korea and we cannot skip the thoughts of mesmerizing Korean beauty and skin-care products that many people swear-by!

Missha is a very big and popular brand and they cater to many countries in the ASIA,AMERICA,EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST regions/continents.

Firstly,I would also like to share my online shopping experience on
  • It is very easy to order online from their website and delivery is done within a week(max)
  • The product details are mentioned on the website and product received was exactly the same as expected as far as eyeshadows are concerned
  • They have everything in place(on the website) from skincare to makeup.Also,there are products that are suitable for men are available on the website.Great!
  • They cater to customers in UAE,Qatar,Bahrain,Oman and Saudi Arabia
  • Payment can be done via COD,online payment or bank-transfer...which is cool
In Pic : In clockwise sequence : GBR 02,MBR04 & GBR04

Product details and information:
  • Enjoy makeover with new fabulous eye shadows. 
  • For clean and sophisticated eye makeup.
  • Creates gorgeous look with vivid color.
  • Apply a moderate amount to eyes with your finger or brush gently

Quantity : 1.8g
Price: AED 36
Shelf-life : 24 months
My Experience:
I love the eye-shadows by MISSHA ME.I was introduced to the brand by ME monthly subscription box).All thanks to the GlamBox ME Team. :)

  • The product comes in a plastic-square-container 
  • Packaging is very sturdy and travel-friendly
  • The shade number and shelf-life are mentioned on the sticker on the back of the contianer
  • The lid is made up of see-through plastic,so,we can easily locate different shades...yay(Y)
I had received shade named GBR02 in my Glambox ME and used the eye-shadow.I was spellbound at the pigmentation of the eye-shadow. I am thankful to the Glambox ME team for introducing me to this brand.
GBR02 Swatch:                                
  • This is a rose-gold-shimmer eye-shadow shade
  • The texture is buttery-soft and smooth and pigmented(two swipes)
  • Glides on eyes easily.I used is as a wash of colours on entire lid...amazing
  • The eye-shadow is not very glittery or chunky,it is very suttle and I like it
  • It shows up on the lids...beautiful shade I must say.Perfect of functions and parties

Then, I ordered the Missha's Modern eye-shadows in the shades: GBR04 and MBR04 from their official website
for Middle Eastern customers! :)



  • This is a chocolate brown shimmer-eye-shadow
  • Can be used for a flush of colour on the entire eye-lid!
  • Love the pigmentation of this glitter-eye-shadow
                               In Pic :  Swatch of eye-shadow shade# GBR04
  • Very pigmented(two swipes)
  • Colour is buildable and rich dark brown with slight shimmers that don't look chunky or gritty

  • This is a chocolate brown matte eye-shadow
  • Can be used for smokey-eyes effect on top of a black kohl-base!
  • Love the pigmentation of this matte-eye-shadow,nicely pigmented(two swipes)
                                In Pic :  Swatch of eye-shadow shade# MBR04
  • Colour is buildable and very dark brown with matte-finish
  • But,this eye-shadow is a little less pigmented compared to GBR02 & GBR04
                                In Pic : Side by side swatches of the eye-shadows :
                                     Bottom to top :  GBR02 ,GBR04 & MBR04                         

  • Ingredients of the eye-shadows are not mentioned anywhere,be it the website or the outer-packaging of the eye-shadows
  • Little fall-out/kick-back and MBR04 eye-shadow especially

All the eye-shadows that I purchased stayed on the lids throughout the day ,until I removed them using a make-up remover.

Overall, I like these eye-shadows by Missha ME(UAE) and Missha Korea in general.All the products are cruelty-free which is really nice.

Will I re-purchase?
Definitely,I love these single-eye-shadows and there are many shades available on their website.

Have you tried any product from Missha? Please share your thoughts. :)
  • Use your fingers while applying these eye-shadows as these are very soft and easy to blend specially shimmer ones.
  • Use an eye-shadow primer to get that extra pop of colour on the eye-lids!

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