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Review : Khadi Natural's Rose & Honey Herbal Moisturizer

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Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on the Khadi Natural's Rose & Honey Herbal Moisturizer.

I was looking for a good herbal moisturizer and that's why I decided to try the Khadi Natural's moisturizer in the Rose & Honey variant.
This is the first product from Khadi Natural's that I have ever tried.Read on to know my experience with this product.

About Khadi Natural:
Gramodaya Ashram is an institution registered under Khadi & Village Industries Commission since 1963. Gramodaya Ashram was set up by Late Mr. Sugrive Singh in 1963.

From last five decades institution is trying to help village people; partially or fully for employment at their own places. The motive of institution is to publicise Khadi and its activities to keep their inspiration source Gandhi Bapu’s reflections alive. The Institution is active with attitude to avail indigenous products in local market and to let people live with proud by self employment.

Gramodaya Ashram helps people and registered organisations economically under different schemes of Government Commission's one objective is to educate and inform rural mass about cottage industries and give technical guidance.

We are the manufacturer of handspun and handwoven 100% cotton fabrics and khadi herbal beauty products. Apart of manufacturing we are also having our own retail stores (named as KhadiGramodyogBhawan) in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh(India).

We are currently doing exports to 25 countries. Our main region of exports are European Union, United States of America, Russian Federation and Asian countries.

Source :

Khadi Natural™ Rose & Honey Moisturizing Lotion is suitable for all types of skin. keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day leaving a soft, comforting and lingering fragrance.

Price : INR 130 / AED 30

Quantity : 210 ml / 7.11 fl oz

Shelf-life : 36 months

Ingredients :

My Experience :

  • The body moisturizer comes in a transparent plastic bottle that has a black cap
  • The lid of the bottle is a flip-open lid that has a nozzle 
  • Nozzle-size is appropriate for the product to get dispensed
  • You need to squeeze the bottle really hard to get the product out
  • I like the packaging,it's very sturdy & travel-friendly
  • All the ingredients are clearly mentioned on the packaging
  • The shelf-life,directions etc are mentioned as well on the packaging...nice!
Formula & Texture :
  • The product looks like a baby-pink-coloured cream in the bottle,but,in reality it looks more of a white-coloured cream with pink issues
  • The product is made up of all herbal-ingredients which is really cool
  • This moisturizer is made up of awesome ingredients like shea butter , kokum butter, beeswax,aloevera extract,olive oil,jojoba oil,rose extract,honey and the list goes on.These elements are meant to keep the skin smooth and moisturized 
  • The body-moisturizer has no parabens or or silicon or phthalates which is the prime reason why I picked this product
  • The texture of  this moisturizer is soft and creamy
  • The consistency of the product is a little thick and not runny
  • Light-weight moisturizer                                                 
In Pic : Benefits of Rose & Honey as ingredients in the moisturizer

In Pic : The creamy texture of the moisturizer

Yes, the product has a strong rosy-fragrance(roses) and it smells divine.I love the scent of this moisturizer.The scent lingers for some time and then fades away as the time passes.

  • My skin type is normal to dry.The moisturizer instantly moisturizes the skin
  • The moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin easily
  • But,I would suggest to use less amount of the product at first and if required then re-apply...less is more you see
  • If we squeeze-out a lot of product at a time then we need to rub it very nicely to get that absorbed(seamlessly) into the skin 
  • Post product-application,there is no cast left by the product which is really nice
  • The moisturizer makes the skin soft and glowy...thanks to it's key ingredients : shea butter,kokum butter,honey etc.
  • Also,this product is made up of all the good ingredients that are required to keep the dry skin moisturized and healthy...awesome:)
  • The effect of the product stays for long and skin feels moisturized throughout the day
Overall,I like the Khadi Natural's Herbal Moisturizer in the Rose & Honey variant.


  • Just a little greasy as per my liking.
  • The scent of the body-moisturizer might be over-whelming to people with very sensitive nose
  • The bottle needs to be squeezed-out really hard to get the product

Will I re-purchase?
  • Yes,because it moisturizes my skin well & it's paraben-free.
  • I recommend this to people with dry/very dry skin and also,to all those who are looking for a budget-friendly and paraben-free give it a try
  • This product can be used in any season depending on skin-needs

In India it's available on , etc. famous online shopping websites

In UAE,you can check out this product on

Have you used this moisturizer already? What do you think of it? Do share.

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